March 9: Widdershins!

The word of the day is WIDDERSHINS (n:) counterclockwise, or more precisely, the direction opposite the apparent movement of the sun.

The English language does a terrible job acknowledging that the sun neither rises nor sets.

Luckily, WIDDERSHINS is FUN TO USE in every-day sentences like, “Hey, there is a widdershins-rotating polar vortex that is going to f-word up Michigan for real.”


This word just keeps on giving. From the Wikipedia entry on the word: “In the mythology of the North Yorkshire Moors it is believed that if you dance nine times widdershins around a fairy ring of toadstools you will come under the power of the fairy people.”

(Dan would say, there’s an exemplar of our language’s infinite generative capacity!)

Anyways, happy daylight savings time– whatever that means!


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