Sept. 26-28: Toddler, amateur astronomer


Three space quote vignettes from this week, starring Mama and Willa, who is almost 3:

1. Looking at a library book on stars. Willa: “Ooh, it’s the cat’s eye nebula!” Mama reads picture caption. Willa is not wrong. Mama considers possibility that Willa is an alien from the cat’s eye nebula.

2. Willa, wearing a plastic storage bin on her head as a space helmet: “When I go to Jupiter there would be a lot of moons.” Mama considers probability that Willa is an alien from Jupiter or one of its 67 moons.

3. Looking at a library book about space. Mama: We’re swirling around in this spiral galaxy at the center of which is a black hole. Do you ever feel like we’re in a flushing toilet? Willa considers this a minute: “Yeah, but you can always add more water.”