July 8-10: Willa’s Cosmos Button Series

We took 2.5-year-old Willa to the Chabot Science and Space Museum. I’m pretty sure she thought the movie we saw in the planetarium took us to *actual* outer space. Here are the pictures that she drew on our trip, from left to right: (1) The Milky Way (appropriately spiral-shaped!); (2) “a supernova that’s a golazo” (World Cup week) and (3) The Big Bang, or as Willa titled it, “and then energy appeared.”


June 29: Morristown, New Jersey

It was a tie! Congratulations to Jo Ann Colagiacomi and Jan Weichun for winning “Where in Jerz?” by correctly guessing the New Jersey vicinity in which today we landed. You have each won this Morristown pin should you choose to accept it.



June 19: The Grateful Frog

In the early deep of the night I heard some vexing chirps and thumps. I discovered another clutch of frogs had fallen into our window well, which is plenty deeper than a frog-hop. One of them with its throat pulsing fast clung to the basement window and locked its eyes on me and I swear he communicated. “Come and help me. Don’t wait until morning.”

So I slumped over the well in the rain and coaxed four into a long net slowly. One at a time they hopped from net to pond and swam rapid laps of freedom.

Then one rescue hopped out and pasted itself at the foot of a sliding door. It peered in. It seemed like for real he was looking to find me.

On any regular day our pond frogs slip into the deep the moment they catch me watching them. But this little fellow let me pick him up with my bare hands. And said goodnight.